Salesforce Training & Certification

Yashvita Technologies places strong confidence in the potential of Salesforce and its transformative capabilities. At the heart of our Salesforce Training philosophy lies the conviction that targeted, personalized, interactive, and hands-on training is the key to achieving efficient results and fostering widespread user adoption. We offer a variety of Salesforce training programs, empowering organizations to master Salesforce comprehensively. Whether you’re a student or an employee aspiring for a thriving career in Salesforce, you can leverage our skill development Salesforce training programs.

Most Effective Salesforce Training Sessions Occur When Prospective Users Are Involved

  • Gain insights into the processes.
  • Recognize the potential for achieving personal success through its utilization.
  • Acquaint yourself with the tool through hands-on training.

Our Unique Approach For Salesforce Training

Effectively educating system users stands as a pivotal aspect of the implementation process. Without proper training, achieving system adoption becomes either unattainable or significantly ineffective. Hence, system training constitutes a fundamental component of our implementation initiatives.

Choosing Yashvita Technologies for training is the optimal way to gain insights into Salesforce products and their applications. Our training modules provide users with comprehensive knowledge, ensuring the seamless integration of the system into your employees’ daily tasks.

Our certified trainers meticulously design and execute training programs that align with the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it’s training for system users or the system administrator, we deliver comprehensive training packages along with all requisite training materials.

We assure a swift pace in both the preparation and execution of training sessions, ensuring rapid user proficiency. The scheduling of training hours, location, and format (whether onsite or online) is personalized, catering to the unique needs of each client.

Enhance Coaching Effectiveness

Elevate coaching proficiency in Salesforce by incorporating motivational techniques, fostering greater adoption, and honing skills in standard sales processes. Improve record-keeping accuracy, leverage Salesforce reporting, and define key performance indicators to drive enhanced organizational success. Unleash the power of Salesforce Lightning and the mobile app for efficient activity management, saving time and maximizing coaching impact.

Illustrate Motivational Approaches

Explore and exemplify motivational strategies through Salesforce Lightning, empowering sales teams with dynamic tools and features to enhance productivity and engagement. Harness the visual appeal and user-friendly interface of Salesforce Lightning to inspire a positive and efficient sales environment. Elevate motivation by demonstrating how Salesforce Lightning seamlessly integrates with daily workflows, streamlining tasks and fostering a collaborative and motivated sales culture.

Cultivate Stronger Adoption Practices

Foster enhanced Salesforce Lightning adoption by implementing robust practices, emphasizing the platform’s benefits for streamlined workflows. Encourage users to create weekly action plans, harnessing Lightning’s dynamic features for improved efficiency.

For Salesforce Success, We Assert That Our Trainers Should

Gain insight into the responsibilities and cognitive approaches of sales professionals. Several of our trainers, who are certified in Salesforce, have previous experience in sales roles, providing them with a firsthand understanding of the sales environment.

We hold the belief that every trainer within our team should hold a minimum of one Salesforce certification, as it serves as the ultimate validation of their proficiency with the platform.

Train sales personnel on the transformative impact Salesforce will have on their operations, fostering increased user adoption.

Our Salesforce Training Sessions are designed to be interactive, engaging, and enjoyable, as they should be.

The training modules should be pertinent and centered.

Customized Training Solutions For Sales Team

Our Salesforce training initiatives are tailored to meet the needs of sales professionals. Certified Salesforce trainers design programs based on a thorough understanding of overall management objectives, empowering the sales team to grasp how Salesforce CRM is the optimal tool for achieving success and financial targets.

  • Gain insights into the functioning of Salesforce CRM.
  • Recognize the potential of Salesforce CRM in driving enhanced success.
  • Acquire skills in creating and monitoring leads, crucial accounts, and contacts.
  • Effectively manage sales pipelines and monitor closable deals.
  • Evaluate progress against a set of pertinent activities.

Our training program is tailored to align with your overarching objectives, empowering the sales team to grasp the potency of Salesforce Lightning as a robust tool for attaining success and financial targets.

Training for Sales Management

Leadership training aims to showcase sales leaders’ proficiency in extracting pertinent data, evaluating team performance, and identifying and rectifying low adoption rates and team member buy-in. Through our training workshops, your sales leadership will:

  1. Grasp the fundamental principles that drive exceptional sales performance.
  2. Illuminate the core indicators specific to your business.
  3. Develop List Views, Reports, and Dashboards for monitoring team activities.
  4. Transform existing Excel spreadsheets into contemporary Salesforce Lightning reports.
  5. Conduct weekly pipeline reviews efficiently using the Salesforce Kanban Opportunity Board.

This training is strategically designed to demonstrate the capability of sales leaders in extracting relevant data, assessing team performance, and addressing challenges related to adoption rates and team engagement.

Become a master in Reports and Dashboards

We adeptly guide Salesforce users through the process of preparing, storing, and sharing essential reports vital to business operations. This includes:

  1. Generating list views.
  2. Appreciating the benefits of inline editing and Kanban Board displays.
  3. Constructing and securing folders for reports and dashboards.
  4. Crafting tabular, summary, and matrix reports.
  5. Mastering advanced reporting features like charting, report summary fields, bucket fields, and conditional highlighting.
  6. Creating sophisticated report filters and developing custom report types.
  7. Establishing and executing dashboards, along with scheduling and emailing reports and dashboards.

This training effectively equips Salesforce Lightning users with the skills needed to proficiently prepare, store, and share pivotal reports crucial for the seamless functioning of the organisation.

Be A Specialist In Field Sales/Service With Our Mobile App Training

The laptop can sometimes be unwieldy for field representatives. In such instances, the mobile phone serves as a convenient alternative. Our training empowers them to harness the capabilities of cell phones from any location, at any time.

  1. Retrieve essential Account and Contact data directly on their mobile phones.
  2. Instantly review Order statuses and key notes just before engaging in a sales call.
  3. Efficiently manage day-to-day activities using features like Check-in & Check-out and logging call notes.
  4. Swiftly update Opportunity records and establish next steps within minutes.
  5. Capture images of the client’s current setup and seamlessly upload them to Salesforce.

This training facilitates a seamless transition to mobile devices, enhancing the agility and productivity of field representatives.

Salesforce Custom Training Solutions

Salesforce is a tool designed for universal use and benefit. We conduct specialized training sessions for non-sales departments, ensuring they harness the advantages of the CRM. These sessions aim to:

  1. Familiarize participants with the Salesforce Object Model, encompassing both Standard and Custom Objects tailored to their respective roles.
  2. Instruct on the automation of unique business processes, streamlining workflows for increased efficiency.
  3. Empower users to stay on top of key activities and facilitate task assignment within the organization.
  4. Provide insights on managing critical data and performing mass updates through inline editing on List Views.
  5. Guide users in the creation of reports that consolidate data, facilitating better decision-making in key areas of business processes.

By extending Salesforce training beyond sales departments, we ensure that all users can effectively leverage the CRM’s capabilities to enhance their workflow and contribute to overall organizational success.

Student Skill Development Trainings

This training program is specifically crafted to nourish CRM skills in students and employees aspiring to build a promising career in salesforce. Within this initiative, we offer complimentary salesforce training, encompassing various modules:

  • Free Basic CRM Training
  • Free Salesforce Admin Training
  • Salesforce Development and Implementation Training
  • Salesforce For Business

Upon successful program completion, selected individuals will receive certification and opportunities to engage in live projects. Embark on your Salesforce learning journey with us, transforming into a proficient Salesforce expert. Obtain a Salesforce certification to launch your career in this dynamic field.

What You Gain With Our Salesforce Training Programs

  • Exploring the Salesforce CRM Platform Introduction
  • Delving into Customer Support, Inside & Outside Sales Details
  • Understanding the Diverse Components of the Platform
  • Unveiling Salesforce UI, Business Logic, Security, and Additional Features
  • Crafting Reports, Dashboards, and Portals in Salesforce
  • Ensuring Data Validation, Custom App Configuration, and Debugging
  • Demystifying the MVC Model, Architecture, and SOQL in Salesforce

Salesforce Training Certification Program

The expansive realm of Salesforce presents boundless career prospects for forward-thinkers. With a thriving upward trajectory, now is the opportune moment to transition into this domain. If you’re in pursuit of a stable and lucrative career, you’ve landed in the ideal space. Attaining each level of Salesforce certifications demands a blend of dedication, diligence, intelligence, and a significant emphasis on research and Trailhead modules.

Salesforce certification exams come with special requirements, so check a specific exam to be clear on expectations. It’s always good to opt for certification training that includes a practice exam.

Choose the right path for your Salesforce Career and Register

Consult with our counsellors to check your eligibility and the right batch, and then Register for the Salesforce Certification Training

Complete the Training

Attend 45 hours of training sessions and get 45 credits to complete the course and get certified for Course Completion from Yashvita Technologies.

Deliver the Project

Acquire hands-on experience through real-world assignments and practical projects to enhance your current skill set. Successful completion of these mini-projects qualifies you for the Yashvita Technologies & Salesforce Certification Training.

Get Certified

Upon successfully finishing the course, achieve the Yashvita Technologies Salesforce Certification in respective Training course. Share your accomplishment on social media, frame the certification, and elevate your standing within the industry to enhance your professional value.Top of Form

We also assist you in achieving Salesforce Trailhead and Accredited Certifications, elevating your career trajectory and preparing you for a successful journey ahead.


We offer the chance for unemployed graduates and women returning to work to acquire Salesforce skills. Our training program is specifically designed to cultivate a proficient workforce, enhancing employability from the outset and thereby decreasing unemployment while expanding opportunities for women.

Obtain flexible scheduling options for your Salesforce certification training through various learning formats, including classroom sessions, online courses, and corporate training programs.

Skilled Salesforce educators and hands-on training facilitate successful clearance of the exam on the initial attempt.

Enroll in Salesforce Certification training led by an authorized training delivery partner approved by Salesforce.

Gain entry to authorized Salesforce training resources provided by our certified Salesforce trainers.

Personalized Salesforce training as per relevant business requirements

A one-stop solution for all your Salesforce training needs to enhance your career prospects

Opt for Fly-me-a trainer and 1-to-1 training to receive undivided attention


  • Elevate Return on Investment (ROI) through specialized Salesforce certification training, enabling businesses to effectively leverage Salesforce tools for optimal outcomes.
  • Streamline company operations by standardizing business processes, ensuring universal proficiency in utilizing Salesforce tools.
  • Boost workforce efficiency through ongoing Salesforce training and certification readiness, fostering heightened employee engagement.
  • Unlock a multitude of global career prospects by acquiring certification credentials across diverse Salesforce courses.
  • Equip yourself with certified skills in Salesforce to ensure a stable and promising career trajectory.
  • Leverage Salesforce training to empower organizations in extracting valuable client, market, and sales insights, facilitating precise forecasting.
  • Cultivate a comprehensive 360-degree client experience by leveraging innovation and technology to optimize and scale sales effectively.


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